Wednesday, November 28, 2007


persephone's starPersephone's Star Mandala - (Goddess Circle series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2007
source image: pomegranate section

In my perfect world, ink manufacturers would offer consumers more choices of ink using cartridges manufactured in the US using US parts for a lower cost. The fact that generic ink is manufactured in China adds a political spin to this issue. I was grumbling about this lawsuit to an artist friend of mine who reminded me that I could probably have my cards printed in China and shipped back for a lower cost than anything I could do here.

There are no easy answers. Neither Canon nor HP are embroiled in these patent wars, and certainly there is generic ink, manufactured in China, still available for purchase for those companies. But would using generic ink be an ethical decision in the long run? Certainly, my actions don't just affect me.

I will not stop creating mandalas over this issue. I do know that. How I will have them reproduced is today's piece of the puzzle. Dang, sometimes that corner piece is just so elusive!


tangled stitch said...

Generic ink or not you must not give up your lovely mandalas. This one today is absolutely beautiful and some day soon the universe will figure out a way for you to print your lovely mandalas as they are a gift to the universe!

Sweet Irene said...

Today's mandala is very beautiful, even though you are disgruntled about the ink. Sometimes it is hard to decide what is the right decision, but economy seems to be the driving force for us very often. It's a fact of life.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

I agree the cost of the ink is ridiculous .. and I don't like the monopoly aspects either. And I would rather not buy from China at this point (though the mugs at CafePress are made in China) ...

Yet I know the difference in color between generic and regular. I got cards from our mutual friend and altho they are beautiful, the quality of the printing is way below mine ... which may be fine for cards.

I don't think it is so fine for prints - that is my opinion. You may want to try some of the ACEOs and see about marketing your work that way. They go for a little more and you can get more on a page .. so a better deal - and I love them!

Good luck with all this!

By the way I LOVE LOVE this mandala!! But you knew that!

~ Diane Clancy

Kris Cahill said...

Hi Sue,

I'm sorry about the ink issue, and I understand the problems it creates for you and other artists who rely on it as a medium. I hope it can be resolved to your satisfaction.

But this mandala is so beautiful! It's as if it were made of actual light. Pink light, which I am very partial to. And the one before it, and before that! I continue to love each one as you create it.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

I agree that the fact that the mugs are made in China is also problematic! I don't see it as different (or maybe it is worse) than generic ink from China - I agree.

But I don't know how else to do it ... and I think it is important for my business and for getting my work out to have the mugs available. And even with that they still are not cheap.

I know you spent a lot of time working out a plan and it is a royal drag.

I am surprised the generic looked better ... but you never know!! Maybe they will change their minds.

I don't like the monopoly thing either. My earlier Epson I had gone to generic and I was not happy with it - but that was also a long time ago and maybe the generic got better! I know a lot of people have been happy with it.

I agree .. life IS complicated!! Thank you!!

~ Diane Clancy