Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Strutting Your Stuff MandalaStrutting Your Stuff Mandala (Mandalas for Peace series) © Sue O'Kieffe 2009
source image - peacock feather

I have been looking for peacock feathers for almost three years. peacock featherI wanted feathers straight from the bird instead of ones that had been handled and processed and had who-knows-what-done to them. I love the story of how the feathers I used for this mandala flew into my life.

I was recently introduced to pediatric physical therapist Jackie Mast, who is joining with Icelandic physiotherapist Anna Katrin Ottesen to put on an international conference Called Healing the Healers in October '09 in Reykjavik, Iceland. I have decided to enter one of my mandalas in their silent art auction that helps raise funds for the healers to come to the conference. During our correspondence Jackie and I shared our mutual love for feathers; Jackie shared with me she had collected peacock feathers when she lived in central California. A few days later I got an email from Jackie asking if she could mail some feathers to me, and voila! here we are.

There is so much I loved about creating this piece. I have been learning how to make Photoshop brushes, a technique that takes a little bit of practice. Veerle has a great tutorial explaining the process. I created all of the brushes I used in this mandala piece for adding the extra texture around the image, and I must say I'm mighty proud of what I have accomplished. When I researched information about peacock medicine, this is what I found:

The peacock reminds us to see the beauty in all aspects of life. Its eerie call sounds similar to a laughing screech and reminds us to laugh with life and not take things so seriously. As it presents itself with confidence and awes us with its beauty it teaches us how to keep the ego under control and to set all vanity aside...By observing the peacock we can learn to strut our stuff with dignity and grace. ~Sayahda
Going further, I learned that the number 5, ruled by Mercury, is a dynamic number that signifies change. Lots of that change stuff going on here as well. In the next few days I will tell you more. It's all good.

~Sue O'Kieffe



John said...

I like the image and respect that you determined to stay closer to the source than usual. Heck of a blue.

I admire how you reach out and develop a network. Fea.ther.

I do not know how many minipixels the BB has - it is portable and allows anonimity - the wide angle lens allows shooting form the hip so tha I do not advertise I am taking a pic.

I added a memory card yesteday and this has changed everythign - saves faster and I a, not limited to seven pics on the BB.

There wass a beautyh to havng 7 pics - like a bullfight.

You needed to email them off impossible to do underground.

Off to work I go...

Megan Warren said...

sue - this is a great mandala - I like how the texture of the feather is still integral to the mandala - thanks for sharing the story behind it.

Anonymous said...

You amaze me! Love this and I love your synchronistic moments... needed to see peacock today.. taking things way too seriously, I'll have to admit.
We used to have a zoo where I worked and one of the park guys used to give me peacock feathers as they were shed... still have them.. somewhere :-)
You are really mastering these digital mandalas so beautifully. thanks for You being You :-)

Leah said...

goooorgeous!! always loved the look of peacock feathers. love what you created with yours!

Tina said...

I knew right away that was from a peacock feather - how meaningful and gorgeous - it presents a vibration of great strength, determination and focus!

Kim said...

Wooo Hooo to your new mandala look Sue! Peacock feathers are so beautiful as is the way you received yours- Jackie sending you what you had been (silently perhaps) searching for. Sounds like the power of intention to me.