Friday, September 25, 2009


THERE IS NO TIME MANDALAThere is No Time (Earth Mysteries series) © Sue O'Kieffe 2009
source image: sand from Elk's Head, Trinidad CA

When doing becomes infused with the timeless quality of being, that is successSAND ~ Eckhart Tolle
One of the pleasures I experienced this summer was drumming with a friend at the ocean. We walked a long enough path through a couple different microclimates, stopped to examine the blooming flora of the season, then descended down to a place butting out in the ocean and got out our drums. We could hear seals barking and watched gulls, pelicans and cormorants fly past us. We drummed to the earth and the ocean, chanted and felt the wind blow through our hair and the sun shine warm on our faces. When I drum, there is no time.
I created this mandala as a remembrance of those very special times honoring Mother Earth with the heartbeat of my drum and the sacredness of my voice.
View from Elk's Head


Suzan said...

Wow it makes time stand still, incredible.

Tammy Vitale said...

Sue This mandala is gorgeous and I love the blog piece that goes with it. So I ordered for my Son, the drummer. Could you please sign the back and past this blog post on it for me? Thanks!

BBB said...

Sue, this is so, so beautiful!!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

This is gorgeous Sue!
I love the Goddess standing in the four directions.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

spldbch said...

I like the title -- There is No Time. The mandala is beautiful -- it looks a little bit like a sand dollar, don't you think?

The Artful Eye said...

Beautiful sentiment and lovely mandala. Like sifting sand, and bejeweled mother earth. Elk's Head a beauty.

Anonymous said...

ya know i love the white ones....j.ohn

artandtea said...

Sue, this mandala is so beautiful, especially with the story of your special experience that day. I love the gentle, peaceful colors.

Laura Hegfield said...

your mandalas always inspire me sue. I have recently started blogging again...please stop by!
I am adding your page as a link to mine...hope you might do the same for me.

Daniel said...

This is truly beautiful! Thank you for sharing.