Saturday, October 03, 2009


ancient wisdom mandalaAncient Wisdom Mandala (Circles of Awareness series) © Sue O'Kieffe 2009
source image:Henderson's Angelicahenderson'sangelica

Angelica is an herb in the carrot family related to Queen Anne's Lace and Poisonous Hemlock. For all the time I have spent exploring the nature on the North Coast of California, I don't believe I had ever seen this plant before. Henderson's Angelica is not used in herbal remedies, but I like the herbal lore surrounding the angelica plant. In pre-Christian days in Northern Europe, angelica was revered as a plant to thwart off infectious diseases. After the advent of Christianity, the story was that an angel revealed in a dream that it was a remedy for the plague.

I named this mandala for the ancient wisdom contained within the angelica plant. Angelica as an herbal remedy is still used for the treatment of coughs and colds. I love the calming sage green and burgundy colors. Who wouldn't be healed meditating on these colors?



BBB said...

So-o-o gorgeous! I must research how to do these! Amazing!!

John M. Mora said...

amazing quality - angelic and wise - no need to be bold - at peace - a real statement.

Liz.Photo said...

Just amazing...beautiful. Great work and posts.