Saturday, December 12, 2009

Divine Star Mandala

Divine Star Mandala
Divine Star Mandala (Winter Circle series) © Sue O'Kieffe 2009
source image: phormium (New Zealand flax)

For each one of us there is a star to discover, and a Being within ourselves to bring to life ~Author Unknown
~~~~~~new zealand flax
I had a conversation on Twitter the other day with @TheSeekers , a woman who is both an artist and numerologist. We had a lovely discussion about patterns (we both love 'em) as well as about the archetypal vibration of the number nine. Julia is a wealth of information. You can visit her website here. With so many cool people online, we shall have to learn more about astral projection so we can visit each other in the ethers!

My guidance had led me to create this mandala from the leaf of New Zealand flax with nine points. Nine is considered a sacred number. Early numerologists did not even include the number nine because it was too magical; but when Pythagoras came around, he introduced nine to humanity. We had evolved enough to be able to handle the magic of the nine vibration. It takes nine to come together to create the whole. It is a completion.

I let this mandala talk to me for a couple of days before writing about it. I wanted to focus on the significance of the nine-pointed star. And then, at a Sacred Singing Circle the other night, I was given the quote I used above. We all have nine-pointed stars inside of us, we are all complete, magic and divine. We have created so much darkness around us; but at our core is true perfection, our True Selves, the perfection of Love. This is the mandala's message. What better time is there than this holy time of Light coming out of the Darkness for us to be reminded!

My winter prayer for all of us remains this -- Be Love.

Bright blessings on your path.

Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas



Laura Hegfield said...

I'm loving all of these luminous stars inside of your mandalas Sue!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Did you know that the 9 pointed star is the symbol of the Baha'i Faith?
Hugs, Steph in Tyler TX

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful, I wish you sold some of your 9 pointed star mandalas on etsy......Bahais would love to buy them:) I am really drawn to the 9 pointed star, circles and purple:)