Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Bluest Blue Mandala I Ever Have Seen

It started with a stop at the health food store. I noticed little containers of grape hyacinths in the outdoor plant stand and grabbed my camera. The image I captured was sweet but nothing extraordinary, at least to my eye. I don't consider myself the world's best photographer, but I do try to improve my eye and understanding of my camera each time I use it.

grape hyacinth

Something magically unexpected happened, though, when I created the mandala from this humble little photograph. With very little Photoshop tweaking -- simple levels and curves adjustments and a minor experiment with the diffuse filter -- the indigo in these grape hyacinths turned into the bluest darned blue I ever have seen.

blue light special

I don't often notice physical sensations in my body when I look at my work, but I feel my sixth chakra being activated when I look at this mandala.

Can you understand why I named it "Blue Light Special?"

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© Sue O'Kieffe 2007