Friday, May 04, 2007


into the greenInto the Green Mandala - (Healing in Circles series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2007

Recently a flower box filled with some of the largest succulent specimens I havespotted succulent ever seen caught my eye. My posting on May 1st was created from the flowers of one of those succulents. This mandala was created from another of those succulents.

When I look at the mandala, I am reminded of some Wedgewood plates that were in my mother's china collection. I see sliced summer tomatoes with cottage cheese and chives and a tall glass of iced tea, a touch of elegance after a day in the garden.

These past couple of weeks I have needed to take some time out to regroup. Unforseen issues needed to be and are still being considered. I acknowledge that art, business, and all of life is a process and things take time. During these times it is good for me to remember the larger picture and also the messages of gratitude I have received from my collectors. It is part of what keeps me motivated.

What do you do to keep the negative energy of discouragement from taking over?

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dianeweb said...

Hi Sue -

yes, it looks like a plate - a very nice one.

When I am getting discouraged, I work to keep the big picture in mind. The power of compassion and kindness if some of the most important work I have to do here ... I believe.

So even if things aren't going as quickly as I would like, at least the HOW of how I do things, I can have some control over.

Besides the big picture, I can also focus on the moment by moment life, where everything is truly just fine.

~ Diane Clancy