Sunday, May 27, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Summer Explosion Mandala -(Summer Series) - © Sue O'Kieffe

First of all I wanted to show you my most recent mandala which was created from a picture of a lily that is growing outside the office where I work. I love how it radiates the passion and heat of summer. I have already had someone express an interest in it for a birthday present for herself and for her new home she and her husband are purchasing soon. I think it is a perfect image for a Leo. They are all about shining.

The lovely Diane Clancy has tagged me to write 7 random things about myself. She also tagged every other person I know with an art business blog, so I guess this will end with me but this will still be fun. If someone out there is reading my blog and wants to play, please do, but let me know so I can come read what you wrote!

One of my favorite childhood memories is finding a turtle on the way to school when I was maybe 6. I kept this turtle in my backyard in a box and fed it raw hamburger and named it Pancakes, because that it what its underbelly reminded me of.

I just won (yesterday)the new Adobe Creative Suite. Ask me if Im excited.

My favorite crayon color was when I was 5 was periwinkle. My overall favorite color now is yellow, followed by purple and pink and red and green and gold and blue and teal .....oh who can pick? I like 'em all! I even like lime green.

I have an alter ego who is a clown. Her name is SusieSue. She really likes color. You should see her rainbow striped sox.

I can touch my tongue to my nose and wiggle my ears.

I didn't begin to embrace my artist self until I was in my mid 50's. My mother always said I was a late bloomer.

I have traveled to Italy and Greece, lived in three different states (Minnesota, Iowa and California), traveled through much of the midwest and south and part of the Pacific Northwest. I dream of the desert and traveling to the UK.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 7 random things. I will be around to see what other's might have posted soon.


dianeweb said...

Hi Sue,

First, what a stunning mandala! Like you say, it radiates passion and heat. Not only are your mandalas beuatiful, but what you say about them is profound.

I truly enjoyed reading your 7 random things ... it was fun! Thank you for posting them.

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

Hi Sue, I enjoyed reading your 7 things. I loved periwinkle too when I was young. It's funny how we remember things like color even at an early age. Speaking of age, I am so thrilled to have found an artist community with women of my generation. I, too, came to art late in my life (well my 40's). Life begins now! I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!