Sunday, May 18, 2008


Observe the wonders as they Occur All Around Us
~ Rumi


The Artful Eye said...

Thank you for this lovely montage of photos.

These images truly are gifts.

Hope your weather is cooling down.

My best to you.


Bobbie said...

Beautiful slide show, I love seeing what you see. Did I glimpse a tutorial on the horizon??

John said...

Your new camera has gicven you a real tool to better define your vision.

My favorites are the fikddelehead and the purply magenta wildflower with a soft background. The composition is fairy like and misty. You can feel the atmosphere.

The imperfect daisy is also very interesting - beauty in decay and insect infestation.

I like the clover pic particualrly the top's hardness.

White flowers are sometimes impossible to photograph.

Frances said...

lovely - you have a real eye for the beauty of an image. Thanks for these, they are stunning. That fern is unbelievable

Cybasumo said...

Nice Trails! keep it going!

Bev said...

Lovely slideshow.

Rosalie said...

I'm having my morning cup of coffee now, it's 7:30am and I'm listening to Bette Midler singing "That's the Glory of Love." Beautiful.

What is love, I now ask myself? I've looked for defintions forever, it seems, and none have satisfied until I read "Love is letting go of fear." Instantly, that seemed the best, the VERY best definitions. I even had that engraved into a stone and placed it in my gardens, so that I am reminded, as I walk about.

Today, I also ask myself if I've ever had faith. You know what faith is, don't you? It's that "thing" and elusive at that, which makes one's life easier to deal with when all else seems to have failed you. Errr...that's when all things seemed to have failed me. Of course, the editorial "you" is always about me. Why wouldn't it be? It's my universe, my life. But nevermind about that for the moment. Has God abandoned me? The obvious answer is obvious, isn't it? When all seems dark, gloomy and hopeless, reach into your sachel of "things," dust off the bag with "Faith" written on it and start to once again remember how important it (the Faith) is.

"Thoughts become things," or so some newbie new ager writes and it's all positive. It's all in my head! Isn't "it" all in your head also? Who is in charge of your universe, if not you? Who is at the master controls of your CPU, the brain? Why does the poet, the dreamer or the romantic refer to "heart" and "soul" as being anything other than biological and metaphysical essences of the brain? Why do I even ask these questions?! I have no answers today. Today, I simply am dusting off the 2 inches of dust from the purse that has "Faith" written on it. Yes, I've kept my Faith hidden in a purse. I'm a woman, afterall, and had plenty of purses to tuck it away into. Ohmygosh, Hope and Charity are also nestled into this same purse.