Saturday, September 06, 2008


tree mandalaTree Mandala -(Seasonal Circle series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2008
source image: bare tree branches

The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green things that stands in the way. Some see Nature all ridicule and deformity, and some scarce see Nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, Nature is Imagination itself.
~William Blake, The Letters 1799

Autumn is definitely my favorite season. Right around my birthday the light begins to change to a rosy golden hue. On the North Coast of California days begin to warm up a bit. The days are less windy, and people put on their summer clothes. Funny, huh? Even though I've lived on the coast for over twenty years, writing about where I live and describing it to others makes me aware of what a unique place where I live really is. The next six weeks or so will be autumnal bliss.

This mandala was created from a photograph of dead tree limbs. spooky tree branchesThere was something about the configuration that really appealed to me. Inspired by Chewy Sweetwater, I created the background from a selection of the pattern within the mandala, created a pattern, and created a layer style using pattern overlay. I am currently obsessed with how I use the space surrounding my mandalas.

I so love the creative process.

Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


John said...

like a landbased urchin. splendid. hope you are well, now rinse.

Ann Christine Dennison said...

What an amazing result from the photo you used!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I am smiling a big big smile!
I inspired you? Wow.

I started painting again at the end of 2006 after seeing a tangle of branches and vines. Something like this photo of yours.