Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My dear friend Diane Clancy, creator of vibrant and uplifting art and one of the hardest working bloggers I know, was kind enough to gift me with this blog award. I feel all humbled and gooey inside.

In return I am supposed to reveal seven facts about me and pass the love on to other artists out there. So here goes, k?
  1. The sight of a flock of seagulls flying against a dark rain cloud sky takes my breath away.
  2. Two of my favorite flavors together are chocolate and raspberry.
  3. One of my joys in life is squeezing a baby's toes.
  4. I've been off coffee for about 6 weeks. I still feel sleepy most of the time.
  5. I like silly words like Yippee.
  6. My three favorite vegetables begin with the letter A (artichokes, asparagus and avocado)
  7. Im slowly getting over my fear of drawing.
Come and get it (*sound of dinner bell ringing in the background*)

Thalia Took of Amused Grace knits some really cute kitty monsters. I'm not too sure about the minion part, though.

Karen Park is someone I wish I could share a cup of tea with while I drool over her beautiful beaded jewelry. If you want to learn lots about both subjects be sure to visit her blog, Art and Tea.

Kate Jobe. What more can I say? Awesome artist and healer. I feel so honored to be knowing her. Her mandalas have a deep soul connection for me.

Kris Cahill and I share Strength as our defining Tarot Card. We both share a love for the color red. When I read her blog, I feel like if she can do it, so can I! Check out her vibrant abstract art painted on vinyl. Amazing.

I've had the rare pleasure of meeting Andrea when she and hubby traveled through Northern California. Her wide range of artist skills inspires me. Go say hi.

John Mora and I share a love of birds, Neko Case and abstract art. I still have no idea how he does it, and thats ok by me.

RaShell is my doodle guru. She brings style and class to circles and dots and squiggley things and even doodles on stones. Wowwee.

OK, and while I'm at it, I also want to tell you all how much I appreciate everyone who comments on my art (and even those of you who dont) and to thank you for all the ways you have supported me. I don't really take the time enough to acknowledge all the goodness there is out here.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

that cat power song is candy...what album is it on..did you hear her free concert on all songs concerts?

RaShell said...

Aaa, Sue, this is so very nice of you!!! I'm truly touched :)
Thank you!

Kate Jobe said...

Wowee!...Thanks so very much Sue...for your award and for your glowing words...BIG SMILE...BTW..I too like those silly words like wowwee..yippee, yahoo and one of my very favorites..Giddyup..Rawhide!...and your drawing ability surpasses you fear, me thinks :~)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue ...

It is wonderful to hear these special things about you!! Really kind lovely!!

Thank you for sharing and giving me such wonderful credit!!

~ Diane Clancy

artandtea said...

Thank you so much, Sue, for including me and bringing a big smile to my day!

Thalia Took said...

Thank you Sue! I confess I am not all that sure about minions, either. I am imagining a scenario like that in the Sorceror's Apprentice...

I will pass this on, though being new to the art blog world I don't know if I have seven favorites yet! I will have to do some research, eh?