Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rise and Shine Mandala

Rise and Shine Mandala (Circles of Spring) © Sue O'Kieffe 2010
source image: Potentila fruiticosa "abbotswood"

Flowers, more fleeting, more ethereal, and more delicate than the plants out of which they emerged, would become like messengers from another realm, like a bridge between the world of physical forms and the formless. They not only had a scent that was delicate and pleasing to humans, but also brought a fragrance from the realm of spirit. Using the word ‘enlightenment’ in a wider sense than the conventionally accepted one, we could look upon flowers as the enlightenment of plants. ~ Eckhart Tolle,  A New Earth

Spring is definitely in the air on the North Coast of California. Life is waking up all over the place. One of my current joys this spring is discovering flowers new to me. Last week while walking on the campus of Humboldt State University, I discovered this lovely blooming shrub of 5 petalled white flowers which I'd never seen before. Life is full of unexpected pleasure as long as we remain open to receiving them. Ain't that the truth?


Spirit suggested I create a 6 petaled mandala from the photo of these flowers. Six is a number of creativity and balance, and I love the balance that is in the Spring cycle. Life unfolds with Love, offering inspiration, desire, joy, beauty, and a gift of themselves from the world of Spirit. 


This mandala reminds us to open our arms, open our hearts, and receive all the beauty that Life has to offer during this spring time of transformation, regeneration, and resurrection. 


Rise and Shine Mandala is available for purchase at my Etsy shop



Bright blessings to you on your path!


Sue O'Kieffe

Sacred Circle Mandalas



Miss Val's Creations said...

It's beautiful. Definately makes me think of spring!

sema said...

Very beautiful!

healingmagichands said...

It is quite beautiful, indeed! And heavens, it really does look like it is embracing life and light.

EdenSol said...

It has truly been Glorious in Northern California, regenerative energies swirling, Spring's hopeful
Love beginning to burst forth.. you've captured
that so well, in your Beautiful work. Lovely!

Happy Spring! May it bring all you need :-)


Laura Hegfield said...

I love the gentle quality of this mandala Sue. Joyful, but in a soft way. Happy spring dear one!

biedrzyn said...

good vibes, greet