Sunday, April 11, 2010


mandala tutorial image 6 Pointed Mandala Created from Mandala Tutorial

Back in the early days of both the internet and of Photoshop, Komra Moriko had a vision about creating mandalas from images from nature. Many of us have benefitted from her vision and her generosity through her original website Earth Mandalas. For years, she left her mandala tutorial available on the internet. She never charged anything. And the tutorial was never updated. I think it was originally written for Photoshop 4, and Adobe is preparing to launch another version of Photoshop that would be the same as Photoshop 12. As Komra noted elsewhere, the tutorial was never updated because"life happens"

I've re-written the tutorial to bring it up to date. It's written using CS3. I've added some tips that I have found helpful along the way. And in the spirit of Komra's original generosity, I am making the tutorial available for anyone who wants it. Originally I tried to teach mandala making online, but for one reason or another this endeavor never took off. After a lot of thought, I decided that if people are interested in creating mandalas in Photoshop then I want this tutorial to be available to them. The tutorial is written using the 6 pointed mandala, but all of Komra's original templates are included in the PDF.

Unfortunately this tutorial does not work in Photoshop Elements. I've never used The Gimp software, but I've seen people use The Gimp for mandala making. I'd be interested in knowing.

Feel free to download the tutorial here. Have fun.

Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


Connie Rose said...

That piece is wonderful, Sue!

Laura Hegfield said...


Karin said...

Thanks for the tutorial.

Diane Clancy said...

Thank you, Sue!!

This is wonderful - and very generous!

May I post one of your mandalas and blog about this with a link to this post sometime (when I come up for air)?

Thank you!
~ Diane

Sue O'Kieffe said...

As you say, Diane, I would be delighted to have you blog about this tutorial. It is Komra, though, that needs the kudos. I am just following in her footsteps :)