Monday, March 26, 2007


fluorite squared mandalaSpring green has been catching my eye and showing up in my creations. This particular mandala was created from the image seen below photographed by my friend dosmangoes of a rare type of green fluorite.

green fluoriteI like the coolness of this green and how I was able to capture the cubic shaped crystals. Green is the color of spring, new growth. In metaphysical traditions it is the color of the heart chakra. It is my hope to bring calm and healing to those who view my art.
© Sue O'Kieffe 2007

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dianeclancy said...

Sue - this is very beautiful! "Spring Green" is the perfect name. I have seen blue fluorite before but not green.

I very much appreciate that you put the original picture with the finished mandala. It enhances my enjoyment of the mandala image. It also shows what you mean by creating nature-based mandalas.

Keep it up!
- Diane Clancy