Sunday, June 17, 2007


summer solstice
Summer Solstice - (Summer Series) - © 2007 Sue O'Kieffe

I have been exploring the subject of production costs a little bit this week. My overall preference would be not to print my greeting cards myself. I have an Epson printer that actually prints beautiful work, but the cost of the ink is really prohibitive for production work. I did a bit of cursory googling yesterday searching for wholesale ink, and what I found was either knock off ink (which I won't use) or ink that doesn't work with my printer model.

I have a friend who has approached me with a business proposition. He is offering to loan me enough money to print 2 0f my cards using a professional printer. He would sell some of the cards where he lives in Kentucky and ship the rest back to me to sell where I am. I am still mulling this idea over. I would rather have three cards printed, so perhaps there would be a way for me to come up with the balance. He and I are still talking about this idea. I do feel pretty confident that I could set up five wholesale accounts locally who would purchase these cards. Would this be enough to get me started though? I'm not sure. And I want to make sure that using an out of the area printer is my best option. In some ways Id rather use local printers because of my "shop local" value I try to follow as much as possible.

Is there anyone out there who knows of a less expensive resource for Epson ink? I know it is possible to buy in quantity from suppliers and that would bring my costs down as well. day lily

Today's mandala was created from a day lily that was on
the downside of its life cycle. I was attracted to the transparency of the lily's petals, almost as if you could see into it to the cellular level.


dianeclancy said...

Oh Sue,

This is some mandala! Yes - the solstice - the height of the sun and passion. WOW!! Beautiful.

You raise some very good issues about costs of printing. I myself printed 6 cards (at Modern Postcard). Quality fantastic. But problem then is that everyone wanted different cards once I had those printed.

Perhaps it makes sense to print 2 (or preferably 3) cards professionally. Can you run some numbers of what it would cost and how many you would need to sell to make a profit?

I am really glad I printed the ones I did. But I also have lots left. Maybe yours will be better selling than mine were - I think yours are probably more universal.

One caution. I printed the Modern Postcard size of 4.25x6." Many of the shop keepers where I sold them were unhappy - they wanted 5x7" to fit in the racks. And yours are vertical and they tend to be happier with that.

I know you have a friend who keeps his printing costs down. I am curious what paper he uses - it seems fine and it seems less expensive than my paper.

I am glad you are figuring out what makes sense for you. Your images are gorgeous and the world deserves to have them out in the flow where more people can buy them. Good luck!

Keep us informed.
~ Diane Clancy

Marc said...

Hello Sue,

Beautiful artwork! There is no better source of inspiration than in nature.

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canadasue said...

Dear Sue,
When I lived in the Bay Area I used this printer... PS Print they were able to print in color and I was pleased at the price they did it for...

canadasue said...
seems some was cut off... hope this works...

Artists With Artitude said...

Oh I don't know about the business side...All I know is that your images are magnificent.