Friday, May 02, 2008


Illuminata Mandala - (Meditation Card series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2008
source image - daffodil
I woke up in a very dark tunnel. I couldn't see anything. I was scared and wasn't sure exactly what to do. The voice of my Wiser Self reminded me.

Shine your Light.
It's hard to believe I haven't posted in over a week. There has been much activity going on in the background though, playing in Photoshop with these more water-colory mandala forms. During this time of increased creative activity, my mind has been looking for my Spirit's understanding of what it is I do. I have been Searching for Meaning, and shining my Light into some darkish corners. The above story about waking up in the tunnel was part of a dream I had last week. Last week I spent a great deal of time thinking abut and writing about my identity as a digital artist in an ongoing discussion with other artists I know.

I create Sacred Art.

I have not been wanting to say that out loud here, on my blog, like ... forever. I have not wanted to be categorized. I have been afraid, I guess, of being judged. I have wanted to let people draw their own conclusions about how my art touches them, but please leave the artist out of the equation. How crazy is that, anyway? Don't define me as New Age, or Old Age, or what have you. I just do what I feel called to do. But at the same time I have wanted to be part of the feeling I am trying to create in my art, knowing that we are all connected.

Somehow I had created a disconnect between myself and my creativity.

I have been surfing the web for inspiration and understanding. I had seen the Sacred Life Sunday button before in my wanderings, which I have now posted on my sidebar. Yesterday I knew the time had come to make posting about the sacredness I see in everyday life part of my spiritual practice and to not be afraid to say so.

In my link jumping I also discovered Milliande and her Visionary Art Bus. Her definition of Psychic Art really resonates with my intent when I create my mandalas:

What is Psychic Art ?

Psychic or Shamanic Art is an umbrella that covers different forms of artistic expression that are powerful representation of energy. Most often by creating simply through intention and without a logical plan. It is guided primarily by the subtle psychic sense.

By exploring where the inner world and outer world meet, we can create beyond previous limitation and learn how to step over the line; allowing creativity and inspiration to flow effortlessly from the 'zone'. Even if at first ,we don't even know what we have achieved!

Forms of this Art include Visionary Art, Pre-Cognitive Art, Energy Art, Aura Graphs, Mandala's, Icons, Mask Making, Inspirational Writing, Automatic Writing and Spirit Portraiture

Psychic and Shamanic Art portrays the energy of the subject as well as how it appears physically; the unseen energy around us has so much more potential that anything that can be seen.

I create Sacred Art.
The universe and the light of the stars come through me. ~ Rumi

How do you define yourself as an artist/creative?

Sue O'Kieffe

Sacred Circle Mandalas


John M. Mora said...

A simply glorious image and worth
the are on a roll - and I love that you cannot spell either.

The white tnged palette just makes your energy glow -

I just try to make purty pictures - my best.

John M. Mora said...

The deep olive green background leaves an impact of being rooted and also self sustaining. I saw it and it jumped out at me when I finished my comment.

lebanesa said...

lovely and lively. Be what you are. Those who wish to accept you will and those who don't won't. the virtual world makes visiting or not much easier, don't you think?
As a non-artist, it is helpful to know where the artist is coming from and what their wavelength is.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and this beautiful life-affirming mandala.

The Artful Eye said...

Soul-soothing, Illuminata.

The act of creating feeds my soul, I think I would die if I didn't do something creative every day. It is my meditation. The act itself is sacred because it creates a space that no one else can enter.

Anonymous said...

good conversation, ds

sacred is

once grasped
you lose 'it'

my faith is
when two or more gather
'come on in'

His water is warm

~ blessings to you