Friday, August 15, 2008


revelation mandalasRevelations Mandala -(Reflection Series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2008
source image: agapanthus (Queen of the Nile)

This mandala speaks to me on a very personal level, an unexpected result from when I began creating it. A couple of weeks ago I was listening to an interview with Bonnie Bell, one of the first artists I discovered making digital mandalas from nature imagery. If you are at all interested in this topic, the interview is well worth the listening time.

Anyway, Bonnie said something about how the nature images almost always pick her instead of her setting out to make mandalas from them. In my own work, I find that to be true. In the analog(handmade) realm of mandala making, I most usually have some goal in mind and I still tend to be more critical of the results (though that is easing up and agapanthusI am allowing myself more room for play). When going through recently photographed flowers, there was something about the soft blue of the agapanthus that really spoke to me. Blue, the color of the 5th chakra, throat, speaking, finding one's voice..speaking up, speaking truth.

I have set an intention of going deeper within myself to grow deeper as an artist. Within I am also finding those places of blockage. I am looking without for more skill and looking within for courage and strength.

When I looked at the finished image I was reminded of the tarot card Wheel of Fortune. Angeles Arrien writes about this card: Wheel of Fortune (enhancing creativity and fortune) - It is the archetype that can allow your life to turn in more fortunate positive directions if you are willing to grow and expand. (TarotHandbook, pg 64-65)

I would love to hear about your own process of growth as an artist. How do you know when it is time to go past where you have been in the past with your art? How do you feel during this period?

Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


John M. Mora said...

I really like this one - it is strong and magnetic. Primal. Ku.doz.

Bobbie said...

My depth is pretty shallow these days. Glad to see you are still making beautiful mandalas and still exploring new ground.

artandtea said...

Hi Sue,
I love the color of this wheel and its shape. I was just reading about the Law of Attraction and I think that the Wheel of Fortune card is about the same or a similar idea.
I had tremendous growth as an artist when I released my need for perfection in my pieces and just let them lead me where they were supposed to be. I felt a tremendous sense of liberation when I let that go. I think about the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, "perfection in imperfection". Also, the Native American concept of a "spirit path" in a piece of art, an imperfection that allows the spirit to get out. Meditating about these concepts helped me in getting to a place where I could release that need for perfection in my art. And I came to trust myself, too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Going deeper and learning...this is a very positive affirmation...intentions...
One that I also keep close to my heart...
Thanks always a beautiful piece...