Saturday, September 20, 2008


sunflower mandalaSunflower Salutation Mandala - (Autumn Circle series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2008
source image: sunflower

Glowing like a sun
Warming everyone
Will you walk with me?
Rain and winter snow
Only help you grow
Won’t you walk with me?
~Al Jarreau

Over at the Mandala Oasis we have been creating autumn- inspired mandalas. More than one of us has used the cheerful sunflower as a source of inspiration. Who is not drawn to this joyous fall bloom? This flower reminds me of a great big hug, warm, open and inviting.

When I feel into this mandala, I am aware of the radiating nurturing energies of the last days before winter. Here on the North Coast of California September and October are our glory days. Socked in by damp grey fog in the summer, we hunger for light and an end to summer bouts of Seasonal Affective Disorder. September arrives, temperatures rise, the air is still and we bask in heat like lizards on a rock in the desert.

I am grateful for these days, interspersed with early rains. I love watching pumpkin spiders in their webs and preparing for those days when the veil grows thin between the worlds of matter and spirit.

May your days ahead be heartwarming and filled with joy.

Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


Cate Rose said...

This is really beautiful Sue! How are things? Hope you're well!

Anonymous said...

This mandala vibes its holiness into my heart.. thank you for this, Sue. Your work is indeed Sacred Circles..
and for that I am appreciative..
Hugs and smiles from the sunflowers... amazing.

Cheryl :)

Ann Christine Dennison said...

May your days be heartfelt and full of warmth Sue too. I am basking in this one, wonderful work!

PS. I like your clock at the top, I had to make one too :-)

Doe Grozs Art said...

I can feel the warmth :-)
so very beautiful!

Doe Grozs Art said...

This mandala could be my morning meditation!
The longer I look, the more I see and the deeper it becomes.
Thanks for this :-)
Love and Light,

artandtea said...

Mmmmm, I can feel the wonderful warmth of your beautiful sunflower mandala, Sue. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of sunshine on the last weekend of summer!

Anonymous said...

Love this. Took a class this summer in mandalas and I am drawn into them.

John M. Mora said...

I really like how the diffused red tones pull you to the bottom of the frame, it keeps composiiton active and "warm."

Dennis Brady said...

This brightened my day Sue, very powerful.


healingmagichands said...

Thank you for this beauty. How wonderful to take a blossom that is itself an amazing mandala and change it, adapt it, make it even more amazing.

Anonymous said...

Your work are divine!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

This is really really lovely!! I love the colors and the depth of the yellows and the energy radiating outward.

There is a little something over at my blog for you.

~ Diane Clancy

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sue, for your comment on my blog - from one mandala lover to another :o) It came at the perfect time .. when I was in need of a push and affirmation that this is the best direction to go in with my studies. I look forward to sharing more and keeping updated on each others circle explorations.
love and light

Anonymous said...

Sunny! You've achieved nice depth and texture in this one. The background enhances the circle.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sue, you never fail to amaze me with your creativity, your writings and the incredible mandalas you create...You rock girlfriend!!!

That sunflower mandala is so amazing, I would love to learn to do this...

As soon as I have time I'm going to learn from your tutorials...thanks so much for your generous heart and spirit...God bless
Artyjules :-)