Tuesday, April 28, 2009


heartbeat mandalaHeartbeat Mandala (Mandalas for Peace series) © Sue O'Kieffe 2009
source image:coleonema flowers imbued with rose quartz energy
The mission of the Institute of HeartMath is to help establish heart-based living and global coherence by inspiring people to connect with the intelligence and guidance of their own hearts ~ (from their website)

The first time I noticed these flowers up close was right after a refreshing spring rain. The pink energy of the blossoms seemed to radiate soothing love. As I was completing this mandala, I was reminded of the calm that rose quartz offers during times of stress. I created a rose quartz mandala from a photo I had and used it for sparkly texture that is in the space surrounding the flowers.

So what does this have to do with the Institute of Heart Math's Mission Statement that I posted above? My perspective is rooted in spiritual orientation, but I love finding examples of how spirit, science and art all interact. The Heart Math Institute does some amazing research on the relationship of the heart to the brain and emotions in developing what they call a resonant heart. It is much too involved to go into in great detail here, but I would definitely recommend a look-see of their website and the work they are doing in reducing world wide stress. What a goal, eh?

I have a PDF from IMH called The Resonant Heart that speaks, among other things, of Attitudinal Breathing ® and how it helps in developing consciousness. I would be happy to email this PDF to anyone who wants one. Just contact me using the email link posted in the right hand side bar.

Below is the Attitude Breathing Tool developed by Doc Childre, founder of the Heart Math Institute:
Attitude Breathing Tool

1. Focus on the heart as you breathe in. As you breathe
out, focus on your solar plexus.The solar plexus is located about
four inches below the heart, just below the sternum where the
left and right sides of your ribcage are joined.

2. Practice breathing in through the heart and out through
the solar plexus for 30 seconds or more to help anchor your
energy and attention there. Next select a positive feeling or
attitude to breathe in and out through those same areas for
another 30 seconds (or more). For example, you can breathe in
through the heart an attitude of appreciation, and breathe out
through the solar plexus an attitude of care.

3. Select attitudes to breathe that will help offset the
negative emotion or imbalance of the situation you are in. Breathe
deeply with the intent of shifting to the feeling of that attitude.
For example, you can breathe in an attitude of balance and
breathe out an attitude of forgiveness, or you can breathe in an
attitude of love and breathe out an attitude of compassion.
Practice different combinations of attitudes you want to
develop.You can tell yourself, “Breathe Genuine,” “Breathe
Courage,” “Breathe Ease,” “Breathe Gratitude” or whatever
attitude you need or want.Even if you can’t feel the attitude shift
at first, making a genuine and earnest effort to shift will at least
help you get to a neutral state. In neutral, you have more
objectivity and you save energy.

~Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


Carolina said...

Hi Sue,
Your recommendation makes total sense, I'll try to do it.
I love this heartbeat mandala, it exudes peace, it's relaxing to see.

cheryl said...

Oh.. flowers for me are indeed the language and fragrance of the heart and soul. They're so "happy". This mandala is simply love-ly.

Gabi Greve said...

This looks like the Japanes sakura charry blossoms or maybe some of the fragrang jasmine blossoms I saw in Hawaii. .. it brings a nice smell with your mandala !
thanks for sharing!

Gabi from Japan

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always.

sema said...

hi sue,
beautiful mandala.i have done a digital mandala for my post today inspired by you.
your blog posts are filled with creativity and positive vibrations to inspire those who visit your blog.I am honored to give you the kreativ blogger award.You can collect it at my blog
blessings for abundance

kerin rose said...

awesome post, beautiful artwork!

Leah said...

This is so gorgeous, Sue!! Love the breathing tool too!

John M. Mora said...

all show a great explicit love of life

Dennis Brady said...

Hi Sue, this piece amazes me...

Ann Christine Dennison said...

Wonderful, it draws me in!