Friday, October 09, 2009


autumn splendor mandalaAutumn Splendor - (Fall Circles Series) © Sue O'Kieffe 2009
source image: walnut leaves
walnut tree leaves
Looking up gives light, although at first it makes you dizzy ~ Rumi

I know a walnut tree whose branches cover what I bet is close to a city block. The tree, I'm sure, is over 100 years old, and whenever I see it I feel uplifted. I'm sure this tree has great stories to tell, of swings and people reading under her and lovers' trysts. When I looked up to take the photo I used for this mandala, I did get dizzy from the light shining through her leaves. She is truly magical, and I wanted to create a mandala that would showcase her splendor.

I have lived on the North Coast of California for almost 25 years, but there has been something about this fall that has been truly special. I am seeing the world around me with new awareness, and I am full of gratitude. Every day is a new beginning.

So I am sending out special thanks to you, my readers, who have followed me for the last 293 posts, who have purchased my art prints, my greeting cards, my calendars. I am here to testify that following your dreams is worth the effort. Creating art is the most God-like thing I know of.

Can I hear a hallelujah?

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Peace Mandala



The Artful Eye said...

Hallelujah.hallelujah not once, but twice.

Beautiful mandala, reminds me of the view of a delicate paper lantern from below.

Truly an artist.


John M. Mora said...

this one is trulky special - organic and ethereal at every word...