Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Illumination Mandala

spring illumination mandalaSpring Illumination Mandala (Circles of Spring) © Sue O'Kieffe 2010
source image: wild radishwild radish

Wild radish grows prolifically where I live and is usually found with yellow, white, or pink blossoms. Every now and then I will spot these mixtures of all three colors, and those are the blooms that really catch my eye. I especially love the delicate veining in the petals.

When translated into mandala form, I saw dragonfly wings, and that is the theme that captivated me while I created the image. The dragonfly wing sun rays around the mandala speak to the powerful way dragonfly illuminates light. Since dragonflies are cold blooded, we don't often see until the sun appears when they are warming their bodies. Their bodies are transparent, so when they dip, spin and dart through the air, they reflect and refract light like prisms. Dragonfly's message is that life is never what it appears to be. and that non-ordinary reality and magic worlds are also available to us to help us with our spiritual expansion.

May your life be expanded and transformed by the magic offered in this mandala through dragonfly's colorful vision.

~Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


Melody Cummons said...

Beautiful! I LOVE it!

Diane Dehler said...

I love this, Sue. Absolutely beautiful!

Laura said...

love this one Sue!!!!