Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Boundless Giving Mandala

Boundless Giving Mandala (Circles of Healing series) © Sue O'Kieffe 2010
source image: locust tree leaves

I had a sweet opportunity this past weekend to housesit for a friend of mine. This was like a spa date for me, with hot tub, queen-sized bed, permission to eat her food, a black and white kitty, and views of loaded apple trees with chickadees bobbing around the garden. I know, tough assignment eh? It was great to get away from home and see the world from some new perspectives. This also included new 'hoods to explore with my camera. Autumn gardens are fairly well spent by now, but trees call out to be noticed.

I was particularly struck by the contrast in the leaves on this locust tree. Im not sure if this is disease or change of season I am witnessing with the white bits. I love how it all translated itself into mandala form. It reminds me of a wood block print, which is kind of fitting, eh?

When I feel into the message the mandala offers me, I sense the heart opening wide with love. The earthy greens and mauve tones also echo a correspondence to the heart chakra. This is a love that knows no beginning or ending, ever opening wider and wider. I love what Susanne Fincher says about the number nine:
Nine may be a reminder to...balance physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your appears to reflect a state of energy, arousal, and potency generated by spirituality. (Creating Mandalas)
I'm wondering what you see when you feel into this mandala? Won't you please share with us here?

Bright blessings,
Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


Tarot said...

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How about the article, is that other, very interesting.Maybe you'd let you comment on my site.
Anyway, blog is great. Good luck!

Julie Bernstein Engelmann said...

Maybe because I live in western Pennsylvania's Amish country with its quilting tradition, what I see and feel into this mandala is the loving care of a mother or grandmother for her household and family.

Sue, I really enjoy your uplifting, beautiful and spiritual blog messages!

Unknown said...

Hi Julie,
You are the second person to mention grandmother's and quilts. And that loving care is a sort of boundless giving, isn't it?
Thanks for your comment!