Friday, May 20, 2011

House of Stars Mandala

House of Stars Mandala (May Day Healing Series) © Sue O'Kieffe 2011 
Source image: blackberry leaves

This is the second in a series of mandala images I've created since the events in Pakistan on May 1st. As time has moved on, I have found that I want to focus less on the events of that day, and instead respond to the intuitive responses I received from folks on Facebook who answered my original question: dear fb friends assist me in creating a mandala for today ~ i feel the need to do something ~ send me names of colors, numbers, symbols, whatever speaks to you in the moment! let's synergistically bring forth a healing pattern. leave it in my comments. i feel such a need to create art around this event.

Doreen requested green for the heart, for compassion; Kaia requested green for relaxation.  I love the texture and patterns of the blackberry leaves I chose for this mandala. May we find a way to remove the thorns that we feel we need to protect our hearts. 

Debi suggested adding the power of light, as in a star, and so I felt drawn to create a five pointed mandala. As the mandala began to take shape, I saw a star inside a house sitting in the center of the image. Aren't we all perfect stars of love and light, spiritual beings housed in our human bodies?

Our light continues to grow and expand ever outward.

My mandala art primarily focuses on individual growth. I am not so comfortable writing about world politics and will leave that for those who do it so much better than I do. My hope and dream is that we may all embrace our love and light and find ways to share it with the world, to be kind with each other. My star sees the reflection of you as a star when I look into your eyes.

Be love.

Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


John E Shades said...

This is so beautiful Sue,and I truly believe as we all come to find the peace and love and compassion in our selves, that energy moves outwards and spreads and more and more and more people embrace that same energy and that is how we will change the world.. here's to your brilliance shining out into the magnificent world of ours.
Thanks for the Light!

Unknown said...

Thanks John, for stopping by and leaving your comment. I enjoy greeting new visitors. I like what you are saying too. And it's nice to meet Doreen's DH! I hope you are feeling well these days. Shine on! Shine on!