Monday, December 05, 2011

Infinite Thanksgiving Mandala

Infinite Thanksgiving Mandala  (Circles of Awareness 2011) © Sue O'Kieffe 2011
source image: beach rock

I received this message recently:
This is a time of abundance for you, not just monetarily (though that too!) but abundance in friends and love. Take stock by writing a list of the things in life that make you feel good, so that you can see how abundance flows in your life. Then give thanks to the Universe and most importantly to yourself for creating and manifesting them. 
This is what came up for me as I reflected on that message: Savor the time you spend with your tribe. Take care of and watch out for each other. Laugh alot. Cry some too. Share food and music and the beat of the drum. Share your dreams. Applaud your growth. Grieve together too. Touch, hold, hug each other. Help each other grow, especially the little ones. Honor community. We are, as a friend recently reminded me, hardwired to belong.

I'm not exactly sure what I found on this rock photographed Thanksgiving Day when I was out with my tribe. It may be very tiny mussels. I was attracted to the texture. Today, as I look at it and the mandala that came through from it, I am seeing a  microcosmic community growing there at the ocean and is now contained in mandala form.

My tribe and I took a hike Thanksgiving Day climbing rock out at the ocean. Everything I said above I learned that day with them.  I took this photo because the rock reminded me of a dolphin. It was a perfect morning. I am so blessed to be part of this tribe.

How about you? Who is your tribe? Where do you belong?

Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


Digital Ink said...

what a gr8 job u've done :)
thanks for sharing..

Rev. Lynn DeLellis said...

I love the look of this mandala