Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mt Shasta Messenger 12 12 12

Mt Shasta Messenger (Mandala Messages) © Sue O'Kieffe 2012
source images: Mt Shasta pine, clear quartz crystal, pink rhododendron

I began to feel that familiar stirring and knew it was time to be still and listen for what wanted to come through.

In meditation, with selenite crystal on one knee, danburite on the other, and black tourmaline on the chair cushion between my legs, I got quiet and went inside. Immediately, I saw the pines on Mt Shasta reaching up up up in my mind's eye. Not only did were they offering grounded support, but they also held the high vibrational energies of the mountain itself. Inquiring further, I asked if anyone else wanted to come forth. A clear quartz crystal that was one of my mother's stone friends, clearly showed itself to me, as well as a pale pink rhododendron now in bloom outside my door. I also heard the number eight.

I searched through my photographs for tree photos I captured on my last visit to Mt Shasta in 2010, and snapped up the crystal and rhodies while the sun was out.

I felt the quartz held messages from the other side and the rhodie was offering pink for Universal Love. Eight is the number of infinity, reminding us that we have available to us an endless supply of whatever we need.

It took a few days for the mandala to reach completion. This morning, on this most auspicious day, I sat down again with my crystal companions and asked for a message. What I heard was

We are here to celebrate all of humanity on this most joyous day.

Whatever this day holds for you, I hope you find time to do something that is meaningful for you.

Bright blessings,
Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


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KAM said...

Sue, This mandala speaks beautifully to me. Thank you for bringing such a glorious representation to the page.