Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have been "feeling into" the mandala that I posted on July 15th. Sometimes when I create, I just appreciate the creation for its own sake. Other times, the image itself speaks to me on a deep personal level. Hallelujah, mandalas affect the creator as well!

This morning, while in the shower, I was thinking about my work, what it is and what I think it always has been, but has taken me this long to recognize. I decided to change my tagline here from "Circles of Life" to "Circles of Light inspired by Nature". I also changed the mandala for my profile avatar, but I am not sure I like it as well in its thumbnail size. I am also not sure that it shows the intricacy of design as well.

seeking the goddessSo here is the former mandala I have been using on my business cards and have considered my logo. But now I am wondering if it's time to update. In terms of other design issues, I have felt a bit stymied by the reds/pinks and how to incorporate them in my not yet designed website.

Seeking the Goddess Within - (Circles of Healing series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2006

I know that it will take redoing my business cards to know for sure what I want to do. This will more than likely not be happening tomorrow. I did want to begin the process though. I am excited with the redefining of the tagline and the refocus on what it is I see myself doing.

I would really appreciate whatever feedback and words of wisdom you might have for me, oh gentle readers.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

I am glad you are asking for help on these issues ... I think input is great ... and then of course you will listen and then decide.

First off, I LOVE the new tagline ... think it is just right! Accurate and just wonderful!

I think you are accurate about the new avatar doesn't really show off your skills as well as it could ~ even though it spoke so clearly to you. (it IS beautiful!)

If you want to know the truth, I never thought your last avatar was as representative of you as it could be. It is great, but I think you put your finger on it when you talk about the color. When I was looking at your mandalas, it didn't flow they way I wanted it to.

So I am going through your old posts to come up with suggestions that I think might work better.

Summer Explosion Mandala (you can put it in white with perhaps a thin black line around the circle to contain the image.)

May Day Revelry perhaps might hold up small

Lilac Glow Light Mandala - I think would hold up and the colors I think give you more connection to what you might want for your site (a guess here)

Joy Mandala - very graphic - so I think it would hold up well - again, you might want to put any of these in a circle and maybe leave off the black background - not sure but I won't say again.

Key to the Cosmos Mandala - I think could work well

Dancing in the Light Mandala - could be stunning

SPRING PASSION - perhaps ... the quality of pink is different and perhaps has more subtleties that lend it working more easily with different color schemes

GALAXY FLOWER MANDALA - could work - that would put you toward deeper colors for the schemes

CRYSTAL PORTAL MANDALA - if you are thinking of more cyan type colors, this could be dynamite I think - I think the design element would hold being smaller

EARTH'S MAGIC MANDALA - again this could work - it is toward the red again but more relationship to other colors - much as I love pink ... pink alone often wants the whole stage

Cosmos Mandala might work well small

I do think your original avatar looks great - I love this mandala (I love pink) - but I just agree another could be more useful to you.

I encourage you to think a little about your site since obviously that is on your mind with the avatar for your branding.

I think you are smart to do it now - the earlier you get your branding going, the better!

I encourage you to remember that it can be the circle (or something different) of for your avatar - and business card. You know that I use my Conundrum as my branding - but in several different ways - including this eye (sometimes I think it looks silly). But even though your mandalas are whole and complete in themselves, I am sure they would be glad for you to change them to fit your branding purposes.

Hope this was all helpful!!

~ Diane Clancy

Rima said...

Change is good - and this mandala is particularly appealing

Neda said...

I love the folds and the feminine delicate unfolding of the larger mandala. Is this the same you used for your profile (on my screen, it looks orange?) ...Love your work, as always!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Neda, I used the larger mandala as my avatar intially