Sunday, July 08, 2007


magis prayMagis Pray to the Light of Inner Knowing - (Circles of Light series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2007

I enjoyed the evolution of this piece. First I took this
succulencepicture of succulents that grow outside my apartment. I've taken lots of pictures of these plants over the past couple of years. This is one of my favorites.

When I create a mandala, I dont really have an inner vision of a possible ending; I just let it take me wherever it wants to go. I suppose that is true of other art forms; I have experienced it with collage at times, but really I do have a greater sense of the mandalas, in their early stages, guiding me to their end. Then, when the circle is complete, I finish editing it in Photoshop (levels, curves, hue/saturation, sharpening) add more layers, play with filters, finish with circles of outer/inner light -- voila!

With this particular mandala, about halfway through, the figures began to emerge. They struck me as monk-like and wise, perhaps more like spiritual magicians. Recently I finished reading Christopher Moore's novel, Lamb, in which Moore imagines Jesus finding each of the Magis, during the years of his life not mentioned in the bible, who taught him the needed skills to become the messiah. It was, in fact, a fun and fascinating read. With this mandala, I image-in access to that same inner light that I think Jesus both knew we all have and taught us to embrace.

Let your Light shine!

Hey, I sure would like to read your thoughts about my work.


Rima said...

Yes, I definitely saw praying figures even before reading the post - are you starting an anthropomorphized fauna series? I'm charmed by the people you're creating...

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Rima, I don't create these figures. They create me!

dianeclancy said...

What an interesting photo you started with! So cool ...

This is a very powerful painting! I saw the spiritual leaders right away too. I like this a lot. Again, to me, it is a little different than a lot of your other work - but I really love both kinds.

I is interesting to look at the photo and see a little blurred part and then image that the blurred part is the softer part of the mandala.

Almost all your work is done with values (as opposed to color) - that is part of what seems different I think. It works!!

Also interesting to read about your process ... thank you!

~ Diane Clancy

dianeclancy said...

by the way, I am curious about the name of your post ...

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Hi Diane,
I play with what nature gives me. If you were to look at my portfolio (linked on the right on my blog) you would see I play with color as often as I dont. I love having such a diverse palette. As for your other question, sometimes I just enjoy being cryptic. The answer is in my blog.