Saturday, November 14, 2009


Gate of Courage MandalaGate of Courage Mandala (Earth Mystery Mandalas) © Sue O'Kieffe 2009
source image:local stone

I was attracted to the patterning on this stone and wondered what stories it might reveal. I don't remember where I found this stone, and after I created the mandala I wondered if I had been disrespectful in some way by not asking for permission to use its image. I had recently taken classes in shamanic journeying with
the intention of using these skills to enhance my art and my
creative process, and along the way I also developed a new level
of consciousness and awareness of my subject material I use in my mandalas. As a sentient being, perhaps this stone would actually prefer not to be studied.

In a journey, I connected with the stone’s spirit. The stone told me a story of being an ancient one and having come from far away. It told me to use the name Gate of Courage for the mandala. I asked this stone if it wanted to be returned outside, and it asked to be placed in my garden. And that is all I know.

Perhaps by spending time with the mandala, you will come to hear the story that is being

I am thankful for Stone’s gift to humanity.

Brightest blessings on your path!

~Sue O'Kieffe
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Gate of Courage Mandala



Leah said...

It does feel like a gate of courage to me as well. Beautiful work, Sue!

Jennifer said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love those colors.
What is this made of?

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Jennifer, the source image for this mandala is the stone that is pictured in the post.

Diane M. McKnight, BFA, LLMSW Artist/Healing Art Guide said...

I thought you were the same Sue Doodles, so I went and checked back here since I bookmarked you in the AEDM artists. Your digital Mandalas are very cool. I do digital work, but before the one I did for one of the AEDM blog post about 3 back, with a nature scene as my inspiration, I usually do other formats and subject matter when I work in photoshop. On we go on AEDM creations.

Kate Jobe said...

Beautiful mandala, Sue...I am betting that the stone gave you persmission to use it as a source for the mandala when you received the inspiration to do this.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Kate, the stone did give me permission, but then it requested to be put back outside in my garden.

Doe Grozs Art said...

Sue, I'm reading a book by Jamie Sams: Dancing the Dream and she tells a story about a stone with a line through it. a symbol of being on the path. This stone tells me that there are many paths that intertwine with others on our chosen path.. this stone says to me that you have touched many on your path.
I stopped by to catch up and get some eye candy this morning and grateful to find words and images that uplift me.
thank you.
love and light,