Monday, May 28, 2007


points of lightPoints of Light Mandala - (Healing in Circles series) - © 2006 Sue O'Kieffe

This particular mandala, created from a photograph of a dandelion gone to seed, is an image of mine that seems to draw people in. I, too, like the way where the seeds connect in the circle that they seem to create little points of light.

The other evening I received this comment at my other blog from someone who stumbled upon my work: " I was have [sic] so much problems in my head, but your pictures comfort me. I would like to thank you for posting such great pictures here..."

This is what I believe is the higher calling about my art, that it does bring comfort and sustenance to people who view it. I try not to let my ego get in the way about this. This is the feedback I receive over and over from people who have viewed and purchased my work.

I am in the process of designing my website. I was reading some information at Chris O'Byrne's website about telling stories about our artwork on our website. This got me to thinking about the journey of my art, which is deeply personal. I have wondered if the story of surgery I had last fall to remove a growth on my carotid artery would be a good idea to include in an "About the Artist" page on my website. While I do believe that this tumor, located in an area of my body directly related to expression and communication, has a bearing to my growth as an artist, is it something I really need to include about myself? Even by posting about it here, I am letting my readers know about this very personal issue.

This is a topic I would like to kick around for a bit, and it is something I would appreciate receiving feedback about. I would encourage you to leave me comments, or contact me via email. I do have an email link above.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for leaving me your thoughts.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

Points of Light is the perfect name. When I opened your page, I was in awe (I still am). It is so full of light!

I think there is no question that you have a higher calling about our art - there is healing in your work.

About the personal, I never know. I think it is fine if you want to share. That is, I see no problem with sharing that here. I think part of what is important is how you are positioning yourself in the market (also what your own soul tells you).

You work is so healing related - I think - that perhaps it does make sense to included it as part of your qualifications almost.

Since I am also a graphic designer and web designer, I have - so far - chosen not to share my own journey around health on my blog.

I have no problem telling people; I have been very public about my health issues. And certainly in email, I share deeply about it - as you know.

I just went and checked my site to see what WAS on it. But, for me, on my site, at this point, I think I have chosen not to say very much. In a newspaper article about me as an artist, it is mentioned that I had (and have) serious health issues.

There (the article) there was a context for it. And actually you are saying things in a context here.

That is all I have to say about it for the moment. Thank you for raising this important issue.

~ Diane Clancy

Rima said...

The photo you've created is stunning. And it "comfort" me too, just like your reader.

I believe the impact this artwork has is not only in the exquisite beauty you've been so able to capture/create, but also in the emotional symbolism you have infused it with.

Is it too much information to share painful episodes in our lives? Events such as this ordeal you just went through informs and propells our existence, as human beings, artists and others. Putting such vulnerability under scrutinity is brave, foolish and admirable all at once - a gift to us, your readers and viewers, and a wonderful trust in the kindness of strangers. One has to face one's fragilities in order to become stronger: unveiling such a deeply personal "context" for the artwork, for better or for worse, is a step in the path of healing. Both artist and viewer are seeking and bonding through this healing.

I'll stop now so I can go back and look at the rest of the stuff on your blog. See you online!

Artists With Artitude said...

Hi Sue, I came for a visit and I could not take my eyes off of your incredible work. I love seeing the world through your artistic eyes. Just absolutely fascinating. Keep up the excellent work!

Francesca said...

Your mandalas are stunning, Sue, truly things to meditate on. I'm so happy I found your blog through Rima's.
Regarding too much information, perhaps that is a decision we each have to make according to our own journey's path. If it is something you feel you want to do then do so, it may well be of help to you and to others.
I will be back often to look at your work! :)