Wednesday, September 19, 2007


heaven's embraceHeaven's Embrace - (Healing in Circles series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2006

Earlier this week I was honored with more recognition from my fellow community members in the blogosphere. I feel gratified to receive these kindnesses; just to have my basic nature recognized is plenty indeed. Frances at A Carpet Full of Holes not only honored me with An Apple for the Teacher Award, but created the award herself. Bobbie gifted me with the Nice Matters Award. This great grannie is blossoming with her ongoing skills in learning Photoshop. Thanks for this immediate feedback.

For both of you, I offer this up: CLICK HERE


lebanesa said...

Thank you Sue
That is lovely, cute and made me laugh as well as being gratifying. Glad you were pleased with your awards - You more than deserve them

Bobbie said...

ahem...I did not award you Nice Matters, but not to worry, because if you will check out my blog you will see that I have now. Were you reading my mind?

Bobbie said...

You are very deserving of both of these awards and I congratulate you for being a wonderful person and helpful teacher. Hugs!

Irene said...

Oh, how exciting, there is a new mandala today and it is so beautiful. Who needs awards when there is beauty like this. Surely this is what it is all about? Oh Sue, how do you do it? No, never mind, I don't need to know that at all. Suffice it that you make them and that I can look at them. It makes for such a good start to my day. This one truly is a gift from heaven, The very heart of heaven, God's own beating heart. And it is so beautiful in its translucency. Just as I imagined it should be! Thank you for such an beautiful image to start my day with! I know you didn't make it especially for me, but it sure feels that way.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue, beautiful mandala - I love the sense of translucency .... very nice!

Congrats on the awards! You do deserve them! And a great treat - the animation.

~ Diane Clancy

Artists With Artitude said...

Beautiful mandala..I see veiled women in a circle, a group of wise ladies bestowing a very much deserved award. Bravo!!