Saturday, September 01, 2007


rota passifloraRota Passiflora - (Circles of Light series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2007

Even though I am gearing up to begin focusing on my greeting card business, I can't not continue to create new mandalas. Discovering a passiflora vine
uncommon to this area has inspired me to create a couple of new mandalas using the photos I have taken of it.

passiflora illuminataPassiflora Illuminata - (Circles of Light Mandala) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2007

I love the indigo, magenta and violet colors in this flower and in these images. The top image seems more like a shield, while the bottom image reminds me more of an old fashioned botanical print. I also acknowledge being influenced a bit recently by the work of Jeannine Roberts Royce at Golden Flower Studio. Exquisite stuff.


Bobbie said...

Sue, you couldn't have picked a better inspiration for a mandala than the passionflower. I think it is the most beautiful flower and have one growing up my fence thanks to Debi! The smell always reminds me of my childhood.

Irene said...

You really are the queen of the mandalas, Oh You Royal Highness! It is truly beautiful. One day I will be as good as you I hope.

lebanesa said...

That is such a beautiful thing.

Artists With Artitude said...

I love the Illuminata.. So classy and simple and yet gorgeous!!!