Sunday, March 02, 2008


mandala displaySaturday night was the gala opening of the Artists in Business Art show at The Ink People in Eureka, CA. I am both high as a kite and pleasantly pooped, and grateful to Connie Rose for taking photographs. I had my camera with me, but didn't feel like fussing with it.

I was happy with the level of conversation I had with visitors who came to the show, and I have word of interest in one my pieces as well. Nothing like the thought of sales to make the night even more memorable for me.

sue, joan, connie
Here I am enjoying a glass of red with fellow artists Joan Gold and Connie Rose. The three of us are continuing to meet once a month to talk about art/biz related topics after our business group ends this week. I'm really pleased to be continuing on the journey with them. Hard to believe those ten months have gone by so quickly, and it's so amazing to think about all that has changed in my life and my art during this time.

But today, Sunday, I am just basking. I wish you all could have been there to share in our accomplishments. There was a remarkable pool of talented artists in this group.

Many thanks to the Northcoast Small Business Development Center, -- and specifically Connie Lorenzo (for coordinating our group) and Mike Nerat (for being a patient and informative business coach to me) -- for putting this much needed service together for artists in our community.

~Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


Kris Cahill said...

Congratulations, Sue. I am happy for you, and you look so terrific in this photo, smiling that "hooray" smile. I hope you sell a million of 'em! Your work is gorgeous, unique, interesting, and the colors!!

Debi said...

How thrilling for you! And your devoted readers, too. It feels good here seeing your smiling face and work hanging.

Miriam said...

How exciting for you! I can't imagine a better night. Congratulations!

Irene said...

I had already heard from Connie that it was a success and I am certainly happy to hear it. You ladies look very content on the photograph.

It must be thrilling to have your work up on those walls for all to come and see. What a wonderful step to take. I am green with envy.

No, I am just joking! I am very happy for you and I hope the whole thing will lead to much interest and sales, because that's what it is all about in the end.

Good luck, Sue.

Miriam said...

Hey, I think I figured it out. I think I always get lost looking at your mandala's, that I don't think to look at the feedblitz thing you have specifically...and if I did it right, I just added it to my site too. Let me know! :) I tried to email you, but our laptop isn't configured to accept letting me write an email, and I certainly don't know how to fix that! Off to my next computer challenge!

The Artful Eye said...

You all look proud and rightfully so. What a wonderful accomplishment, and thank-you to Connie for working the camera.

Beautiful work, Sue.

Congratulations! and may you have many more wonderful successes.


John M. Mora said...

Your work look fabulous hanging and the three of you look most content and proud.

Excellent, Sue. My congratulations.

I have been going to your blog and had to hit refresh to see this update. I cannot figure out why sometiomes new post opens and other times it is hidden....computers. They byte.


Miriam said...

I think I fixed it!

Leah said...

congratulations, sue!! looks like it was a great experience! your art looks great on the wall!

Unknown said...

Thank you all who came by and commented on this post. It was a wonderful evening and a perfect ending to a great beginning.
~Sue O'Kieffe

lebanesa said...

How exciting it all is. What a happy photo of you and fellow artists.
Hope the sales are even better than you could imagine, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Hello on the coast...I usta' live there on Price Road in a little "shack" that was truly a castle. I moved to Florida to retire but I often miss the west coast, the beach there is much different than here. I am between Pensacola and Panama City ...white crystal sand and warm emerald water..warm at least most months of the year. I also miss the "artists" that seem to be so much a part of that area.