Sunday, March 30, 2008


I do hope that any of you who read my blog might, from time to time, mosey on over to my mandala makers links that are posted on the right. Whenever I find other artists who revel in this art form, I try to acknowledge them both by posting on their blogs and adding a link to their site.
Of course, I must also acknowledge Komra Moriko as the grandmother to many of us who embrace this form, thank her for figuring out how to do it and blessing us with her tutorials, and give her gratitude for keeping her original website online since she put it up in the late 90's. Aho!

Most recently I have discovered two more creatrixes, Angela-Eloise at Blogickal and Thalia at Audacia Muliebris. Thalia even got extra creative and figured out how to do a few more permutations of the form, complete with a tutorial, and I am totally stoked. Thank goodness someone has some math genes here! Give this woman 5 gold pentagrams!

green bugA while back I took some photographs of the gardens located in the town square, and I found a mystery bug resting in what I think is lady's mantle. If I am wrong and someone knows what it really is, won't you please let me know?

Anyway, I thought that this photograph was perfect for some alchemical transformation, and I am marking this mandala as probably the last one I will make from photographs I took with my dear 4 mpx camera. My new 8 mpx Canon A720IS has arrived, but I did not get out this weekend cuz it was pretty cold and very windy. I am taking the manual to bed with me tonight and see if I can figure some of the settings out before sleep takes over.

green bug mandalaGreen Bug Mandala - (Circles of Spring series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2008

I can hardly wait to see what happens next!


Irene said...

Great mandala, Sue, and thanks for the links. Through one of them I found another great log I added to my list of blogs I like to read.

P.S. I still think your mandalas are the best!

Thalia said...

Well that looks suspiciously like an eleven-section mandala. I'd say you figured it out!

Very lovely. No idea what the bug is, though.

John M. Mora said...

Congrats on the camera - I looked up a review and it looks very good.

The bug gives this work a Borg robotic quality. The greens are heavenly pure.

My best.

Cate Rose said...

I love the photo and the mandala, which looks like it has little bugs around the outside. And the music here, one of my faves -- Alan Parson's Turn of a Friendly Card!

The Artful Eye said...

Another beautiful Mandala! Your final 4mpx camera image is going out with fanfare. I have visited some other links to mandala makers on your blog and I am still amazed how these mandalas are all different and unique.

You had inquired about rub-ons- they are screen printed decals that will adhere to most surfaces and are released by rubbing off of the paper they are attached to using a wooden stick or back of spoon to burnish.

I love mystery bugs, however this one looks reminscent of the leaf hoppers that have terrorized the wine industry.

I don't think this is a lady's mantle,the leaves would be more pointed. I have seen this plant and the name eludes me. Lovely tho.