Monday, July 12, 2010

Mandala of Sacred Hearts

Mandala of Sacred Hearts - (Love Series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2010
source image -calendula

On July 11,2010 there was a solar eclipse that was most visible near Easter Island. Most folks in either hemisphere did not experience the visual effects of this astronomical event. What prompted me to create this mandala was the astrological forecast surrounding this happening.

I am by no means an astrology expert, and there is all sorts of info on the web where you can find out more about the significance of what happened yesterday. I will say that Venus, planet of love and the emotional body, played an important role in yesterday's eclipse.What prompted me to create this mandala in the first place is that we just have been offered possibilities to go beyond and come out the other side bright and shining and willing to embrace our Heart Space and interact with the world with more Love. A popular song from the 80's yearned for a total eclipse of the heart to shield him from pain. Are you willing to go past that to live in bliss? What a powerful intent of healing that would be!

When I feel into this mandala, I see 13 Goddess figures rising powerfully from the center of this fiery circle. If you are superstitious, you might consider thirteen to be unlucky. I interpret thirteen as a lucky number, a going beyond what has happened before. Thirteen represents the ending of old cycles and the beginning of something new. I understand now why my intuition recommended I create this mandala with 13 points.

13 Heart Goddess are here to assist  in the sublime opening of your heart center with courage. Have fun and be playful and know that we are all Love.

Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


healingmagichands said...

Oh wow. I'm speechless. this has to be one of your best mandalas EVER, I love the fiery colors, the form, the intimations of the figures blessing us all. And of course the endless heart shapes showering us with love.

Thank you Sue, this mandala is spectacular. You truly bless us with your vision and your art.

My client today really loved the mandala I bought from you (Points of Light -- from the dandelion seed) -- you touched the heart of an 18 year old construction worker in the Ozarks with your work. So you are doubly blessed!

Unknown said...

Ellie - Thank you so much for sharing your comments about the mandala you purchased from me. I love hearing these stories. And thank you also for your kind comments about this mandala, which I personally think is one of my strongest and totally needed during these wacky times we are experiencing right now.
Bright blessings,