Monday, August 02, 2010

Brightest Life Mandala

Brightest Life Mandala (Power Shield Series) © Sue O'Kieffe 2010
source image: domestic finch feather

A friend who knows I like to create mandalas from feathers gifted me with a little bag of sweet little finch feathers. Im unsure what variety of domestic finch they are, and the scan of the feather is more intense than how I see them in my hands. This is fitting because I think finches are intense, joyous  little birds. According to  Avia Venefica, finches bring us messages about joy, simplicity, and appreciation. I know when I watch goldfinches bobbing in the sky during flight, I certainly appreciate how much joy they bring me. Finches are also about high energy and teach us about enjoying the journey.

When I feel into this mandala, what I experience is intense bright power at the core of my being that radiates outwards into life. The energy of the eleven rays of the mandala will assist in an expression of higher consciousness, uniting spiritual truth to the material plane. Indeed, one quality of finch medicine is to assist us in finding our voice.

Finches offer us the energy for variety and diversity in our lives. Do you like to participate in many  different events (or, perhaps, do you want to?) Then this powerful mandala may assist you with this desire. Do you want a personal symbol  that will help you visualize the bright life you were born to live? Let the energy of the powerful little finch help you fly through life with joy and delight!

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~Sue O'Kieffe
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Cate Rose said...

Another one of your absolute bests, Sue! The feather mandalas really speak to me.

Unknown said...

thanks connie. they speak to me a lot too. i needed this mandala as much for me as anything

Atmara said...

Definitely powerful! Pulsing with energy.