Sunday, December 02, 2012

Fierce Transformation Mandala

Fierce Transformation Mandala (Mandala Messages) © Sue O'Kieffe 2012
source images: butterfly, red shouldered hawk feather, danburite crystal

I sat down, took a few deep breaths, and asked What most wants to come through right now? And then I waited.

Celestite rested on one knee; danburite rested on the other. And black tourmaline hung out on the chair cushion, between my legs. These are my crystal trinity. I waited some more.

And then  Butterfly floated into my vision.

What? Oh great, I muttered. Where am I gonna find butterflies? I mean, it’s winter here. And raining.
And then....

Oh wait. Yes. I did capture some photos of a butterfly a while back, didn’t I?

I felt something nod and smile at me.

And then Hawk swooped and soared. I heard Hawk's cry as he headed straight for my third eye. Yikes!

Could I use a feather for this? I wondered. Show me.

And a red shouldered hawk feather appeared in my inner eye. And I felt an incredible feeling of fierceness wanting to be expressed.

More deep breaths. More waiting. I’m starting to feel fidgety and impatient. My mind wants answers. NOW, darnit.

And then I saw soft, soft pink surrounding it all.

Rose quartz? I wondered.

No. Danburite. This friend in my hand had something she wanted  to share.

More listening.  And I’m feeling the danburite is sharing the energy of the Divine Feminine. This is a high vibrational love coming through. The message I’m getting is

Love, No Matter What.

So here we are at the beginning of December. Twenty some days before the world is supposed to come to an end.

I don't believe that for a moment. Do you? I think the world is about to begin, that we are transforming bravely with a great strength and fierce courage to a world where love is all there is. I'm not sure how easy this will be for many of us, but I do think it's worth it.

Love is our first priority.

This is the message that most wanted to come forth.

~Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas

I am so happy to be offering these mandala messages to share with all of you. If this message resonates for you, remember, that we are all one. Are you interested in commissioning me to create a mandala message based on this process for yourself? Please send me an email for further details. I am happy to ship your art anywhere in the world.


Monica Wilcox said...

If I'm going to give the 21st any consideration I will look upon it as you are, the beginning.

I loved reading about your process, so fascinating!! I'm sure the recipient will LOVE this mandala. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment. This mandala was created for all of us.

Many blessings

jr cline said...

You're welcome Sue. :-) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Tracie Nichols said...

Absolutely stunning Sue! You know I'm all about fierce, too.

Your process feels so loving, respectful, soul-true.

Thank you for sharing this. It's an honor to witness.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful Sue! Thank you for sharing your process!

Square-Peg Karen said...

Wow! That's all I can say right now. That and thank you, because wow (lol, giggling at my wordlessness - I am very touched).

Unknown said...

Square-Peg Karen - I understand that space of wow-ness and Im happy that the mandala reached that place in you.

Many blessings,