Sunday, April 06, 2008


faith not fearFaith not Fear Mandala - (Meditation Deck) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2008

When I first began creating mandalas, my original vision had been to create a meditation deck. This weekend I played with more of the flower photographs I had recently shot with my new camera.

I have been wanting to create a mandala using faith as its theme for a couple of weeks, but was not sure what flower to use for the source image. Then I remembered one of my favorite Bible quotes from childhood...If ye have faith as a grain of wild mustardmustard seed, nothing will be impossible unto you.

Wild mustard is blooming in profusion right now

I will be posting a couple of other images over the course of this week and would appreciate whatever feedback you have to offer. At this point I have no idea how these cards would be produced, but I know the answer is out there.

Recently a friend said to me, Faith trumps fear every time.
Thanks, dear friend, for your inspiring words.

This and the images that will follow are just the beginning, the conception, the idea, the germination of the seed.


Cat (darklingwoods) said...

what a beautiful and inspiring blog :)


John said...

This one is bright and spirited. great flower too. Just a blessed post.

I like the idea of cards.

Bobbie said...

Hello Sue, Sorry I've been gone so long but I have to stop by and say I love these new mandalas. This inspirational source is wonderful.

Sweet Irene said...

"Faith trumps fear every time"

That's the thin to remember, Sue, for me and for you.

Lovely mandala, as always.

Ann Christine Dennison said...

What a great idea with the cards!
This is so beautiful and is appropriate for the 'faith' card. I'm not sure about the black background but maybe it is just me, black is not my favourite colour.

CapCity said...

Beautiful mandala! I googled faith & found u. I hope u don't mind that I'm using your image in my post on faith for next monday, May 12th. Of course, I'm giving u credit & linking photo to your blog!