Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I dont often post photographs of the flowers that I use for my mandalas. Sometimes my more appealing photographs are never even used for mandala making

With the purchase of my new camera, I want to become a better photographer. Sometime in my lifetime, I might even want to purchase a dSLR with a bonafide macro lens, since macro photography is what most interests me.
Up close and personal!

These are some of my favorite spring flowers.

From top to bottom: mallow, purple freesia, camelia, dutch iris, tulip tree blossom


John said...

Top is very Oh Georgia Ohhh, you know who I mean.

Fertile post. Closeup of flowers are hard to do without a macro.

Little award for you somewhere.

I checked out the link in your comment and it looks good - I just wish they had a bird list. I have never seen a Varied Thrush - looked for them in Portland on my one free afternoon there.

Also never found a Gray Jay there. Need to go to Maine.

My best lens is not on a camera buit on myu bonocs - Zeiss 10 power that cost me a grand fifteen or more years ago. I love them. I can see colors at night.

The Artful Eye said...

Sue, these photos are spectacular. Looks like you're enjoying your latest acquisition. Please keep us entertained with this new photo journey.

Frances said...

These are great, Sue. some of my favourites too. I share your feelings about cameras.
Mine is fine for snaps, but some of the beautiful things I see each day just cannot be captured by my little digital. If only I could work on the old technology and transfer easily to computer - I still love the quality of old fashioned camera work -
That said, you have done a d*** good job on these closeups - so intimate and glorious.

artandtea said...


Sweet Irene said...

It must be lovely to have a camera that can take such beautiful photographs. Always post these and more!

Ann Christine Dennison said...

I love these especially the first and last one.
I don't blame you for wanting a SLR camera with a micro lens, it's on my wish list too :-)