Saturday, August 16, 2008


As a way of honoring Sacred Life Sundays I like to post photographs of the beauty I find in my world. These photographs were taken on a walk with my friend SueZen on a walking trail not too far from where I live. The Mad River runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean. I'm not sure how it got its name because most of the time the river is pretty calm. One year, during a heavy winter storm, the ocean broke through the sand bars and the river changed course, creating a new mouth. I was fortunate to witness that geological event. Seems SueZen was with me that day, too.

In the summer in late afternoon, you can never be too sure if the day will be foggy or sunny. At 4:30 when I left work the sun was still out. By the time we got out on our walk 45 minutes later, we were engulfed in damp yet cozy fog. There is something about the mystery of fog that I find comforting.

The bumblebee on the thistle had gone dormant from the cold. Im sure when the sun came out again he warmed right up and flew away. I saw two bees in this state of suspended animation on our walk.

Nature is so amazing.


artandtea said...

Beautiful photos, Sue. Absolutely beautiful.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

I didn't even know bees COULD go dormant like that!!

Lovely, lovely photos!!

I still have my blog give-away.

~ Diane Clancy

John said...

I miss Northern California's thick fog and last week I was out very early and there were wisps of mist everywhere and found it quite nostalgic and comforting.

The photos look inviting....would love to be inth at mad, mad peaceful world - as I twitch my nose like a Bewitcvhed warlock.

The Artful Eye said...

Sue I really enjoy your photo walks, these are wonderful images. I love the thistle and the bee, ghost tree,and river patterns. The purple heart made me smile. When I walk a beach or a trail I'm always looking at stones, shells and driftwood. Over the years I've found many heart shaped rocks. This reminded me of these times.