Thursday, November 11, 2010

AEDM#11 Power Within Mandala

Power Within Mandala (Circles of Healing Series and Eleven Point Series) © Sue O'Kieffe 2010
source image: poison oak bark

I decided my focus for AEDM this month was to create all of my mandalas with 11 points (because AEDM is taking place in the month of November, which  is the eleventh month). I also wanted to honor the number 11 which is a number of deep insight and illumination. Many (including myself) note the numbers 11:11 as a reminder that we are heading towards great transformation. Over a million people will be meditating beginning today for 11 minutes each day starting at 11 pm to envision a world of harmony and peace that is based on the principles of quantum physics. You can find out more about it on New Reality Transmission website.

This particular mandala speaks to me of personal power and the fire within. This is not power over that is coercive and manipulative and destructive, but the power that comes from knowing who we are. We are called more and more to step up to who we really are and embrace the reasons why we are on the planet right now. This knowingness and beingness is really at the heart of my mandala art.

I smile at the use of a photo of poison oak to create this mandala. Now there is one little plant who surely has a grasp of its own power!

Have a beautiful day envisioning a new reality for our planet!

Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


iHanna said...

Wow, Sue, what a beautiful harmonius mandala. I was noting the date earlier when I wrote in my diary, but now that you reminded me I'll be sure to meditate for 11 minutes too later on. Thanks.

Connie Rose said...

One of your (many) bests, Sue!

Julie said...

It's so wonderful that so many understand the 11:11. Your mandala is truly beautiful.

Leah said...

It does feel like a powerful mandala, Sue!

andrea said...

totally gorgeous!

Tomas said...

Your Mandala refreshed me at a glimpse. I experienced its power and was sat in an awe by the magical talk of the picture. The Mandala reveals much more than my Lithuanian-English is potent to express. Thank you.
Tomas Karkalas

Mlissabeth said...

I have recently become aquainted with mandalas, and found your blog through AEDM. This one, and several of your previous, have spoken to blog, which I call "Nonvocal Communication," is all about speaking without words, and about the unspoken words, as well. Come see!