Saturday, November 03, 2007


Good Fortune Mandala - (Spring Seasonal Circles series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2007
Source image: oxalis leaves

Yesterday I began to write down goals for the New Year. I think about this time of year, with another turning of the Great Wheel and the return to Standard Time (in the northern hemisphere) as the beginning of a New Year. It's never a bad thing to revisit, re-evaluate, and update specific goals, something I have always felt some difficulty in setting. What is it exactly I want to manifest? Now this is language easier for me to understand, but both modalities of thought have some common characteristics.

So yesterday I jotted down some specific goals I intend to accomplish in this coming year:
  • Commit myself to one year of full time work outside the home
  • Get my books in order and keep them maintained
  • Finish my business and marketing plans
  • Obtain a business license
  • Create a budget
  • Pay back personal loans
  • Pay off credit cards
  • Continue blogging
  • Get my website up
  • Participate in 5 art shows in 2008
  • License my art work
  • Explore other streams of income
Please share your thoughts with me. Do you set goals? What steps do you take to reach them?


Anonymous said...

I've set goals, and missed them too many times to count. Now I'm setting steps (30-60-90 days out) aimed at something larger a year out. That has helped me understand the day to day ness of goals. I tend to let myself get overwhelmed when I set a goal thinking I must do it now. 30-60-90 makes it smaller and still see progress which pushes me along.

I think your goals are great! What are you doing in the next 30 days toward each one?! THAT's always the question for me!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

Beautiful mandala!

Sounds like a great set of goals - I am eager to hear about them as we go along!

~ Diane Clancy

Bobbie said...

First off I love this mandala. It looks like bright green butterflies :) I too set goals each year rather than New Year's resolutions. I find that being specific helps me stay on track. Also I think a realistic time frame should be given to give you something to work for instead of letting all slide until the end of the year. I review my goals often and check off the things I have done. That gives me a sense of accomplishment. I don't always get everything done, but at least it is a challenge. I usually do this in January.

artandtea said...

Hi Sue, this gorgeous mandala reminds me of wings. Butterfly or moth wings but it could be faerie wings, too.
I tend to set goals seasonally. I like looking at small steps rather than a bigger picture because I get overwhelmed with looking at a yearly list. I also like to address different aspects of my life in my goal setting. So, a spiritual goal, a relationship goal, an artistic goal, a work related goal, etc. And I always like to include fun, playful goals as well. It helps me with balancing my serious tendencies.
You've got some great goals listed. Enjoy the process!

Artists With Artitude said...

Beautil work as usual! I am a list maker but not great at following up :(. Good luck for next year!

Kris Cahill said...

Hi Sue,
I set goals weekly, sometimes daily, and give myself a break as often in order to reach all my goals I work myself too hard. Then I am very tired. Ow.

Much of my New Year's list looks like yours. This past year I: incorporated, got my business license, operate in a quarterly frame of mind. I feel I have grounded my business more, and can NOW MAKE MORE MONEY! I am finally valuing what I do in a more realistic way.

I also write goals like: be kinder to myself, validate myself, have fun!, read more, and only eat good chocolate.