Sunday, March 16, 2008


Last week, while perusing the blogosphere, I came upon James Delaney's website that showed how to use this fun Photoshop feature I wanted to share. This feature is only available in the CS versions of Photoshop and was created to match a series of photographs with each other.
But look at what else you can do.
mad river

I started with this ho-hum photograph of the Mad River, which flows parallel to the Pacific not far from where I live

sailing under the rain

I found this painting online, Sailing Under the Rain, by Yoiche Tanabe. I liked it for its mood and colors.

Here are the steps:
  • Make sure both images are the same dimension
  • Make sure the image of River is active by clicking on it
  • Go to Image>Adjustments>Match Color
  • Under Image Statistics, choose Sailing Under the Rain as the source image
match color

  • Fiddle with Luminance and Color Intensity sliders

sailing river

More experiments:

from the lake

Georgia O'Keeffe From the Lake

okeeffe river

One of my mandalas, cropped.

camelia cropping

camelia river

Have fun!


Irene said...

Very neat trick, Sue. I like the first one the best because of the colors, but I can see how satisfying this is to try with all sorts of images.

The Artful Eye said...


Are you working on a Mac or PC? I've recently switched over to a Mac and a bit lost, hacking my way around. I has previous version of PS for my PC now I have to re-purchase software.

I'm playing with PS Elements 4.0 right now.

I guess I need to bite the bullet and purchase CS3.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

This is great!! I didn't know about it really - sort of heard about it. Thank you!!

Artful Eye .. hope you enjoy your switch to Mac .. the software rebuy is the drag ... after that!

~ Diane Clancy

Anonymous said...

very cool - someday my princess will phone

lazy sleepy john