Friday, October 22, 2010

FRIDAY FIND: Mandala Circles for Healing

Enjoy this beautiful slideshow of illuminated mandalas drawn by the students of the late Judith Cornell. Her legacy lives on through all that she touched.

From the Mandala Universe website:

Dr. Rajita Sivananda (Judith Cornell Ph.D.) is the award-winning author of MANDALA:Luminous Symbols for Healing. Since a radical awakening in 1979, she began pioneering a method to help others to awaken and heal at the deepest levels. Her method blends the sacred art and the spiritual science of the mandala with theories in quantum physics, raja and kundalini yoga, and transpersonal psychology.
Rajita is remembered as a bringer of light on the planet. Her life was dedicated to helping people on their path to awakening. She introduced people all over the world to healing on many levels using mandalas long before they had regained their current popularity. Rajita was a pioneer in blending sacred art and meditation and today there are many who use her process as a method for spiritual, emotional and physical healing.  Her focus was in helping others to awaken by experiencing unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude for the present moment, connection with Nature and the spiritual depth of Silence. Rajita guided many souls to live with integrity and intentionality, honoring their True Nature.

She leaves a legacy of great award winning books and many mandala facilitators that will continue to bring her brilliant work out to the world for the greater good of all.
We will miss you, Rajita and we are certain that you will continue to do your light work on a higher plane.
Fly with the Great Ones, beloved friend and teacher.

Have a great Friday!

Bright blessings

Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


Dee J. said...

Dear Sue,
I happened upon your blog by way of Abbey of the Arts as I was browsing through testimonials of those who participated in the Way of the Monk: Path to Creativity. The video of mandalas just left me awestruck. I am a retired writing teacher and had used mandalas in my teaching of students and teachers. I just want to THANK You so much for sharing the video in memory of Judith Cornell (as I knew her work). My heart is too full.

Unknown said...

You are quite welcome. Judith Cornell's technique and vision was one of my first mandala making experiences. I found this video very powerful in its heartfelt beauty