Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Went to the Mountain - Part Two

So I thought I'd finish sharing my experience of Mt Shasta before the significance of it all fades away. Did you miss Part One? You can read it here.

Walking on the meadow path and really being present, I sunk my feet in and grounded. I could feel the earth vibrate beneath me. I felt connected to the mountain and all that was before me. Being present, I could feel the intense energy contained in the meadow, reverberating off the volcanic stone that is this magnificent mountain. I found a secluded area off the path where I wouldn't disturb vegetation and stripped to the waist, baring my breasts and my soul, shouting out to the Spirits of the Mountain Make me free! Make me whole! This had really been my desire the whole time and not that other, that should which I held onto for so long, I am grateful for my courage to fulfill my vision for my time on the mountain.

It really is ok to do those things that our soul most desires.

Something shifted while I was there. I asked for that shift. I came home feeling full of love and light. I have also been crying a lot and needing a lot of sleep. It's a time of release, of letting go, of making way for what comes next. It's a time of awakening.

I am ready.

 mountain vistas
 panther creek
 paintbrush flowers
 self portrait
volcanic voices

May you fulfill your desires as you wish them!

Bright blessings

Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


John M. Mora said...

Hey, I got arrested when I did that on the subway.

Unknown said...

leave it to you, john!