Friday, October 01, 2010

I Went to the Mountain - Part One

Mount Shasta is a power spot and has been my personal mecca for over ten years. I hadnt traveled there since 2003, so I knew I was way past due in spending time someplace that has been transformative for me and holds many pleasant memories for me as well. I went with the intention of taking drum, rattle and blanket, then finding a pleasant corner on the mountain to drum, chant and meditate. When I got there, I could find no pleasant corner; in fact, walking in the meadow is discouraged because it is being reforested. Local Native American tribes consider this a sacred spot and drumming is also discouraged. I did climb upon a fairly flat rock and tried to meditate, but was uncomfortable sitting out in the open. And then I heard the words When you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.  I was trying to recreate my day from visits past!  I packed up all my gear, hiked it back to the car and focused on the perfection of the day that was there all along, waiting for me.

How often do we make decisions based on the way things have worked (or even not worked) for us in the past, just because it is the only way we know how to do things? Right now, writing this statement, I am getting  chills and realizing that this message was perfect for me, not only a week ago, but for many aspects of my life right now.

What about you? Do you get stuck in these grooves of familiarity? And how do you unstick yourselves? I'd love to hear your stories.

I'll share the rest of my story about the mountain on Monday. Stay tuned!


Cindy Belseth said...

Hello Sue!

I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did, your posts are very inspiring and I love your mandalas :)
I look forward to reading more and seeing the rest of your work!
Thanks for sharing!


Laura said...

Wonderful reflection on your experience Sue. Times, they are always changin'. I guess, I do what you did...listen for my inner my attention to the moment at hand.

Beautiful photo.