Friday, April 06, 2007


rites of springRite of Spring Mandala - (Circles of Spring Series) - © Sue O'Kieffe

I am applying to be part of a ten month focus group for artists in business. I have been waiting a long time for this group to open up again. Sponsored by the local Small Business Development Center and funded with grant money, this organization offers assistance for artists at all levels of being in business for themselves. One thing that I like is that one of the requirements must be income levels being less than 80% of the county median. It tells me they want to assist those of us who strive to be successful but aren't there yet. They encourage those who are wanting to take their art from hobby level to business level.

The introductory meeting was earlier this week. I felt at ease and comfortable within the group, which was a diverse collection of visual artists, musicians, videographers, and designers.

My hope is that I will receive assistance and insight and practical information for some of the ways I want to take my business, join a community of like minded people, and get out of the solitude of the studio (affectionately known as my computer desk).

Thank you all for sharing my journey and your comments with me.


dianeweb said...

Sue - another success! This is energy emanating outward from this star - very nice. Was this a flower in a previous lifetime?

How exciting to be accepted as part of a ten month focus group. We took a 12 week business class for artists with our local Community Development Corporation - probably similar.

We had a great mix of different kinds of artists also and it really enhanced the class. It was very helpful - as I am sure this will be. We are sort of continuing to meet every few months.

Most if not all of us were low-income also. As are most of the artists in this area anyway.

Great news!

~ Diane Clancy

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Diane,Yes, this was a flower in a previous lifetime. Want to guess what? (Sometimes I still like to be mysterious. LOL)
~Sue O'Kieffe