Saturday, April 14, 2007


reach for the sun v2
REACH FOR THE SUN MANDALA v2 - (Healing in Circle Series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2007

This is a short post about my creative process. I posted a mandala a couple of days ago , but I didnt quite feel right about it; and so I asked another artist friend of mine, Diane Clancy, to critique my work. From the feedback I got from her Ireach for the sun changed the background back to black (which I had tried but hadn't cared for when I initially created the mandala) and retained the yellow stroke around the frame (which I hadn't tried when I first was playing with the black background.) I like the way it holds the contrast of interior/exterior that I was looking for, but gives the mandala itself center stage.

I do love working digitally in layers and the easy way it gives me to experiment with different approaches to my art.

Please share your opinions with me. I would love to read them.

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dianeweb said...

Hi Sue -

I think this looks very good - much more power than the earlier version!

I like it quite well. It has the vibrancy and movement that I associate with your work. It looks like it is dancing ...

Ah ... layering ... that sure often helps!

it pulls me in and holds me ... almost entrances me ...

Good job!

~ Diane Clancy