Wednesday, April 11, 2007


reach for the sunREACH FOR THE SUN MANDALA - (Healing in Circles series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2007

I think of this as a study in contrasts. Interior/exterior. Shadow and light. What is on the inside wanting to be expressed? What is on the outside wanting to be illuminated? This is a common theme in my Healing in Circles series. This particular series tends to be more emotional in content; healing our pain brings us closer to wholeness. As I go through my own journey, I hope to bring forth what others might find helpful in theirs. Almost all of my mandalas have aoregon grape holly recurring theme of light in them.

This image was created from a photograph of a flowering shrub common to the North Coast of California. It has tentatively been identified as Oregon Grape Holly. I love its cheerful yellow blooms.

Please share your thoughts with me. I would love to know what you see or feel from looking at this mandala.

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dianeweb said...

This mandala does have a strong inner/outer component for me. The yellow and pink vibrancy seems to be held by the circle in square.

I like that the outer part also has a design in it - it makes the container more part of the image in many ways than the plain black - though I love the plain black ones too!!

Yes - sunlight, life, spring, healing - I see all those in the core.

~ Diane Clancy