Thursday, November 06, 2008


The Greatest Gift of All - (AEDM series) - Sue O'Kieffe 2008greatest gift of all
image source - drainage grate

During the month of November I am specifically looking at imagery that I might not normally capture with my camera. Yesterday I had fun with the lines and shadows of a drainage grate I found on the property where I work. I posted a few of the pictures on Wednesday's post. If you didn't see them, please take a look.

After I created this mandala from yesterday's "Greatest" image, I asked what it was trying to say to me. Hmmm... Life isn't always black and white and is often filled with lots of grey? Well, that is part of it, but it's more than that.

As I was making this image I duplicated a layer and transformed it at 92 degrees, which gave it an unexpected blurred and imperfect effect. And I think it is those out of focus greys that speak of our own imperfections which, in my mind, only make us all the more interesting. And that, really is the greatest gift of all, when we are willing to look at and accept the greys in our lives for the gifts they present to us.

What can you do today, just for today, to look at a situation in a different way?

~Sue O'Kieffe
Sacred Circle Mandalas


healingmagichands said...

I needed to read your words today. I have been struggling with my own imperfections lately, and this is a wonderful reminder for me to look for the blessings they bring to me, albeit sometimes tangentially. And aren't they part of what makes me unique?

John said...

very midieval - strong -

jgy said...

Amazing finds and transformations.