Thursday, January 03, 2008


we are all connected mandalaWe Are All Connected - (Healing in Circles series) - © Sue O'Kieffe 2007
source image: fireweed fluff

Before I share my intents and dreams for 2008 with you all, I thought I would take one last look at the year that's just ended.

The image above was my favorite of all the mandalas I created in 2007. I submitted it to the Gallery 25 art show in Fresno, CA. (I do wish they would post something
about this year's show, darn it.) More than that, though, it reflects for me how we and first fireweedall that dwell above and below and on the earth are all connected. What better choice than to make a mandala where the source image was a plant gone to seed? The cycle, the circle, has turned once more. It is done, complete, we are all connected!fireweed dancing

fireweed fluff


John M. Mora said...

Sue, this is like the ceiling of a grand ecumenical cathedral (I mean this as a compliment). The color of the green is remarkable, like an ancient Chineese vase.

Thank you.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

This is one of my favorites too ... I love the delicacy.

I wish they would post about the show too so we could see it in context.

~ Diane Clancy

Bobbie said...

One of my favorite mandalas, and one that I loved so much that I ordered it from you and hung it on my wall. It reminds me of the people from near and far that I have met while blogging. How we are all connected in so many ways.

Irene said...

It's so delicate and fragile looking, but I know it is really strong enough to do what it was intended for.

Like Bobbie says, we are all connected and does that not feel great? The circle is complete. only Bev is missing.

marianne said...

just beautiful! Fragile but strong through it´s structure

Sybil Archibald said...

This is my favorie one so far!

artandtea said...

Hi Sue,
Its delicate beauty takes my breath away. Thanks for sharing!

Debi said...

Stunning. Simply breath-takingly stunning.

Ann Christine Dennison said...

This is wonderful, I love your blog too. Thanks for sharing :-)
Nice to meet you!